synescape: live performance

Synescape (synesthetic / landscape) is both an exploration of interactive A/V technology aligned with scenographic principles and the underlying concept of blurring the gap between the senses.

The live performance edition of synescape was presented in an art studio-cum-cafe as part of the creative complex 60S in Hanoi, and was an introductory event for its sister; synescape: please touch

The audience were sitting facing five suspended panels on which black painted triggers were outlined. During the performance LinhHaForNow, was able to freely play the painted panels to trigger her own vocals as part of her dance routine, whilst I improvised a backing score and 2nanas produced the projections.

The overall performance loosely followed a narrative of journeying from the depths of the Vietnamese countryside to the heart of hectic Hanoi and back, which provided the arc for her routine to progress. As such, I gathered relevant sounds first hand to evoke feelings of these locations. LinhHafornow as a local of Hanoi also contributing to the sound pool with her selection of indigenous instruments.

The video below is a snapshot of how it looked, sounded and felt.