Alistair is originally from Lancashire, studied in Bristol, developed his craft in Hanoi and currently working and studying MSc Psychology of the Arts, Neuroaesthetics and Creativity in SE London. Open to all creative collaborations.

His primary focus when working with audio is to collaborate with artists and specialists of other domains to convey a story or explore a concept through sound and music. In doing so he often treads a tightrope between the arts, science and psychology, caring about his work being creatively inspiring and producing deep feelings through often non-verbal communication.

Most of these collaborations have taken place in Alistair’s time away from the UK. Having picked up more than a few gems of inspiration and having the chance to connect with a lot of inspiring people over the last decade, he’s returned to Europe, working primarily with sound in the fields of audio post-production for short film and animation, electronic music production, live performance and audio/visual installation.


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