synescape: please touch

Synescape: Please Touch was a user activated interactive art and sound installation held at Tinh Dau Studio, Hanoi and was curated in collaboration with 2nanas.

The participants were first subject to a 10 minute meditative piece whilst wearing a blindfold, which also played instructions on how to proceed into the interactive section of the exhibition. Here they were encouraged to touch 10 black objects displayed in white boxes suspended in the art space (counter intuitively to the traditional museum exhibition format which prohibits touching). By doing so exploring and challenging the senses touch, hearing and vision by activating immersive sound and visual elements in the venue.

From a sound standpoint I had to consider the guests experience when contacting 10 different materials (5 man made, 5 natural), but also wanted to provide a more immersive experience by posing aural developments from the POV of the objects, and an imagined reality when guests closed their eyes. For example: What would a metal chain hear if it was being rattled? If you were the size of your finger and submerged in to a bowl of black water, how might that sound?

These additional considerations were made feasible by a sophisticated Ableton Live rack set up taking into account hold times and slow attack rates vs short hits and transient sounds. The technology which made the objects interactive was – Ototo

The method in which users interacted with the objects and the various combinations between the 10 objects were designed to yield different results, guaranteeing that no two sessions were the same. Please read this Urbanist Hanoi article with more information about the project and the venue.