REDACTED Moodboard


Build the REDACTED sound world with the overarching audio, then have the genre specific clips as fleeting guests to that environment. They each utlise their own characteristics but also shared ones from the palette to provide a consistency across all content. Gradually being more/less ‘redacted’ through sound design and arrangement techniques.

Visual cues

Contrast between industrial uniformity and abstract natural shapes. Warm but reserved. Familiar patterns becoming broken/reduced. Welcoming images abstracted out of reach, enhancing desire/excitement. Distant power, changes in focus. Glimmers of what’s behind the door.


  • 49:00 – ambiguous sustained atmosphere which could lead on to lighter or darker progressions.
  • combine with industrial or manmade found sounds, as per the venue
  • utilise elements of the sound palette to introduce the overall concept
  • 50:00 percussive sound which appears muffled yet almost vocal – Redacted sound motif
  • like a loading page for a game waiting to start


  • 13:00 percussion and gravelly sound, pads – Strong sonic base to emerge genre specific sounds from, then fall back into
  • 24:00 mins – heavy rock like sounds made lighter with some friendlier synth riffs, accessible sounds now more in focus


  • 13:00 and 39:00 – hooks – filter in a fun party vibe from a more moody starting point, this could be stabs, vocals, disco/electro bass

Summary: Blending an accessible party vibe emerging from from atmospheric textures


  • strightforward 4/4
  • Redacted theme/ low key vocal


  • melodic vocal processed using redacted progressing techniques, stutters, filter, space, muffling
  • 4:00 mins, plucky synth sound could be used to break up the straightforward loop
  • shared sound palette from other tracks
  • exaggerated bass builds (into depths to represent the space)
  • stabs which hold and linger (anticipation)

Summary: stripped back 4/4 progression, using redacted sound palette and techniques


  • 2:25 – 3mins – nice jungle drum programming which can be filtered up and stop/started fitting the Redacted theme.
  • stretching and mangling of drums fits redacted processing techniques
  • 3:30 – filtering and abstract vocal
  • wompy bass and higher bass stabs, good to play around with filtering and space


  • reoccurring distorted bass sound in the centre of the production which is throughout, a sound like this could be filtered and brought in and out of focus.
  • same with the muted vocal samples around 2:22.
  • Nice atmospheric pad sound which rings out and provides a lot of depth – could also be a more euphoric/melodic pad
  • usual dnb drums and rhythm can be played around with, stopping and starting/filtered to create tension.

Summary: distorted, echos, space and building energy using filters and pushing sounds forward and backward.

Other Ideas

  • Uniform sound palette used across all styles, also a uniform motif or progression throughout.
  • Moments of near-silence as if something is being removed from memory.
  • The REDACTED sound world exists foremost as an indifferent canvas and each genre is only a small part of the final product, in very sparse/ fledgling/emerging form.

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