World Vision – Dợ’s Story

A month or so after lockdown I received a message from unknown profile on my Facebook page asking if I was someone who could create sound and music for a short film project… After a quick Skype chat we were on our way to working together for Đợ’s Story. Commissioned by charity World Vision‘s Vietnamese office, it’s a story of new arrivals and changes in mountain life, through the eyes of a young girl, whilst following the work of the charity.

My role was to create an original musical composition to compliment and enhance the story telling. Achieving this took some negotiation with the creative director Tùng, and a middle point between creative styles was happily reached. In addition to the music I was given free reign to pick out key moments of foley, sound design and ambiances that punctuate the cuts and immerse the viewer.

In our line of work, getting to sit down and share a talk with each other in person is very important for a fruitful collaboration. When Alistair was recommended to me and my team, I admittedly was a little skeptical since we were operating in different languages, time zones and totally had no prior working relationship whatsoever. Surprisingly it turns out that we managed to make a special film that not only makes us proud but also gives our client a complete satisfaction. Never before, we were raved with so much compliment from all personnels of the client and a big part of the success was due to the musical talent and adaptive ability of Alistair. On behalf of the crew and the producer, I would like to thank Al for his dedication, open-mindedness and flexibility that help to elevate the feeling of the audiences as our Sound Designer. And we very much look forward to having more opportunities to work with Al in the future projects.” – Tùng, Creative Director at T.A.M Productions