Short Film – Droid Love

I was thrilled to work on the music to this brilliant short film about a mechanic who repurposes his trusty droid companion, only to realize what he has lost when it’s gone.

My role was as composer, incorporating a musical motif which altered sympathetically with the storyline. Knowing the nature of the film I wanted to incorporate some foley sound to the music to help connect to the reality of the scenes. So in addition to the outright musical elements, I added mechanical percussive sounds as if the protagonist were triggering them himself.

Below is some feedback from the musical director for the project:

Alistair Hobson produced extremely impressive work……With the absurdly short deadline we tasked him with, he was able to create five high quality and unique pieces of music in less than four days. He is extremely devoted to his craft and brought his own brand of creativity to our project that I had never expected. I was a bit worried about any complications with communicating on such a short deadline given of his time difference, but he managed to work with my crew and I to keep us updated constantly. After conquering a challenge such as this, I’m excited to see what other work Alistair may do in the future! The music he produced gave our short film the extra magic it needed.