Intransmission Hanoi

It was a great honor to be able to collaborate with so many talented artists on this project. Musicians, sound designers, artists, projection mappers all bound together by a fascinating, concept-driven immersive experience which was produced by 2nanas. Here’s my take on it…

Two rooms, two installations: Room 1’s acoustic sound sources transmitted to and processed digitally in room 2. This transmission represents the way much of the information we encounter in daily life has somehow been digitally affected and re-presented to us in a altered form.

My role was in room 2 as a digital manipulator, treating sounds from Hanoi based artists LinhHafornow and Numbfoot in room 1.
Below are some extracts of my side of the performance. All sounds here were edited, improvised and re-formed live without prior knowledge of the input from room 1 (these artists also using improvisational sound generating techniques). I achieved this by developing a unique system in Ableton Live which I used to capture, manipulate and output the final processes. The nature of the performance as a whole means that no two slots would ever sound the same.

The audience of the installation spent 20 minutes in each room listening to the total sound of each respective room through wireless headphones, before switching to the opposite space. They were free to move around the carefully crafted analogue and digital styled domains, exploring how their input would further alter the environment.