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REDACTED Moodboard

Aim Build the REDACTED sound world with the overarching audio, then have the genre specific clips as fleeting guests to that environment. They each utlise their own characteristics but also shared ones from the palette to provide a consistency across all content. Gradually being more/less ‘redacted’ through sound design and arrangement techniques. Visual cues Contrast between industrial uniformity and abstract natural shapes. Warm but reserved. Familiar patterns becoming broken/reduced. Welcoming images abstracted out of reach, enhancing desire/excitement. Distant power, changes in focus. Glimmers of what’s behind the door. Overarching 49:00… Read more REDACTED Moodboard

Intransmission Hanoi – Live Sound Design

It was a great honor to be able to collaborate with so many talented artists on this project. Musicians, sound designers, installation designers, artists, projection mappers all bound together by a fascinating, concept-driven event which was curated by 2nanas. Two rooms, two installations: Room 1’s acoustic sound sources transmitted to and processed digitally in room 2. I was in room 2, Hanoi based artists Linh Ha and Numbfoot were in room 1. Here are some extracts of my side of the performance, all sounds here were edited, improvised and re-formed… Read more Intransmission Hanoi – Live Sound Design